In the restaurant business the biggest appetite you’re  facing can be your social media marketing. The insatiable need for content that engages in this very crowded space can be daunting. But with a bit of planning you can create a library of images for social media quickly and cost effectively.

Recently I did a shoot for Za Pizza Bistro. Working with food stylist and social media maven Shel Zolkewich, I create a series of images to be used in their Instagram feed.

Pre-planning ahead of the shoot was key to it’s success. Shel and I discussed the images that she needed, talked a bit about how the restaurant worked, the challenges that were presented to us, and the features that we wanted to showcase.  Shel provided examples from other similar restaurants to give me some idea of the tone and feel of the images needed. Basically the more organized we were the more effective use of our time on the day of the shoot.

The day of the shoot we arrived in the morning before the restaurant opened for lunch. The lunch rush is substantial so we had a specific deadline to be out by.  Between grabbing the details of the pizza construction and baking and the studio lighting needed to capture the food in a pleasing way, we needed full run of the place without paying customers. Again planning ahead and ensuring staff were ready for our arrival was key to it’s success.

The results were a library of images that Shel can draw upon over several months in promoting Za Pizza Bistro.

If you need help creating engaging images for your social media marketing, contact me for a quote.