This is always a fun gig. Yes, there is food and wine, but more importantly there are plenty of good vibes. The crew at Banville & Jones know their stuff and like to have fun while doing! Highly recommend you visit them!

Here’s the opening to the article:

You can’t be a Manitoban if you are afraid of a little cold. We challenged three of our hardiest food and wine experts to keep their smoker smoking and their grill hot on a typical Manitoba winter day, where the temperatures dropped below -20°C with some fresh northern gusts coming off the Red River. Luckily, we had Chef Craig Guenther of Urban Prairie Cuisine (who also just happens to be a certified BBQ judge) to guide us through our little experiment. Here, we offer tried and true recipes for beef brisket and BBQ chicken on the smoker and the best BBQ rib recipe you’ll try this year. For winter BBQ and smoking tips, as well as some insider secrets from Chef Guenther on award-winning BBQ, visit our online extra at www.