From their Website:

ArtsJunktion is a community-based, charitable organization committed to redistributing reusable materials at no charge to the public. ArtsJunktion reclaims “waste” materials from businesses, which would otherwise end up in the landfill. These materials are brought to the ArtsJunktion depot where they are sorted and made available to artists, teachers, early childhood educators, crafters, the general public and community organizations.

It was really hard to concentrate on setting up of this portrait while surrounded by all this cool STUFF! If you have stuff to contribute or if you’re an educator who wants craft supplies,  you really need to check this place out!

Executive Director Julie Kettle was very gracious and wonderful to photograph.  I don’t always get to see my subjects reactions to the final outcome, but I happened  to be at the event where  the documents were unveiled and Julie saw it for the first time. Seeing a subject react positively  to my portrayal of them is what I live for and I sensed Julie was flattered by the attention. If my work ends up shining a spotlight on the work done at this wonderful depot, then I feel I have done my job.