Hi everyone.
If you’re one of the people who read here and don’t follow me on Facebook & Twitter, you’re probably wondering whats going on. No blog posts in awhile.

January of course is a month of resolutions. Mine were simple, so I thought. The biggest one was to finish transitions my main website to a new and improved Livebooks Scaler site. Of course this meant diving through the archives and digging up the shots I wanted to showcase. Easier than it sounds, because of course, you start to line up your shot and get swallowed up in self doubt. But we’re getting there, its coming very soon!

Of course thinking I’d have all sorts of time to work on this website was foolish of me. I had several shoots occupy a good chunk of January. The biggest of course was a three day shoot with ricki’s. You can see the Behind The scenes iPhone snaps here.

I was also tied up with teaching a beginner’s course in photography with Nghia Tran through New Media Manitoba. While the scope of the day was the real basics, it still managed to remind me why I love what I do, photography is an amazing thing! People seemed to really enjoy it, and we’ll be doing more of it in 2012, so stay tuned for that

Oh and in case you haven’t figured it out one of my resolutions is to really engage in this blog, not only with more images but with more words. It’s too easy to post images and briefly talk about them. My intention is to share more of my thoughts as well. You’ve been warned!

more to come! In fact I am gonna post some pics right now!