The past few years have opened our eyes to the emerging mental health crisis. The everyday pressures that we face, the struggles and the loneliness have only been heightened throughout the pandemic. There is a lot of pressure on men in putting up a good fight through the hard times, without opening up about our challenges.

These challenges can take many forms and can be big or small. The key to good mental health is to talk about these issues when they first emerge, before things get to a breaking point. Which brings me to my next personal project: a series of video interviews with men of all kinds talking about their challenges with mental health.

This project aims to collect a variety of voices, to share their own experiences or the experience of helping someone else. The hope is that these stories will encourage other men to realize it’s OK to admit that you are not OK.

This project was inspired by the amazing work of Australian photographer Peter Brew-Bevan and his 2020 Men-tality project (

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