Toronto Nov 09
I wanted to get to Toronto at this time of year because there were a few shows of photography I wanted to see. One at the AGO was a collection of work by Edward Steichen did while at Vanity Fair. Steichen is one of my favourite photographers of all time, who lead an amazing life. This chapter of his long career was well represented.
The other was a collection of work from Vanity Fair done by all sort of photographers through out the years up till today. This included some of my other faves, Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger, Helmut Newton,
 As it happened there was also a show of Nigel Dickson‘s work, a Canadian editorial photographer.
All of the shows didn’t disappoint. There will always be some about seeing images blown up big, framed, and on the wall. The Steichen show in particular, placement of the like minded images together really allowed you to see the evolution of his vision.
Now I have to get the WAG to the Karsh show!

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