Recently I did an editorial shoot for Today’s Parent. You can read the article online here:

When mom becomes dad: Life as a transgender parent

After giving birth to twins, seven years after becoming a parent, Kal Ross realized he couldn’t be a mom anymore. He needed to be a dad.

We had a combined session with Kal solo for the feature images and the entire family for the article. I’ve had lots of experience photographing kids of all ages from my catalogue days, and the more  kids in the pic the quicker you should be working! I set out to get everyone together right way and  we managed to get some really fun pics of the family just hanging out, right way. Then we move to the portraits of Kal.  Kal wrote about the entire experience from start to finish on his blog here. It’s always very gratifying to read that someone’s experience in front of my camera was a positive one!