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Yeah call me a sucker. I caught myself watching, and singing along with one of those late night 30 min infomercials for this collection. Air Supply was the host (ugh) But after humming along with every song they showcased, they had those faux-testimonials from what looked like the last of the  40 something boomers, (oh ugh, that’s me!) talking about how long it would take to assemble a collection like from various different CD’s (read: download), how great they sounded, and the clincher for me, how they don’t play these songs on the radio anymore. That was so true. Even CFRW doesn’t seem to play the right mix of old tunes and hey that’s AM. (ugh yet again!)

So I bought it. A great mix of tracks (hit the link to read all of them) and they sound great. For example, I had never heard Gerry Raffery’s Baker Street on anything but an AM radio. That tune has depth! It’s amazing.

People always cringe at the mention of some of these songs but as long as they reference them in comedies and commercial (the Air Supply Burger anyone?) they catch themselves humming along!

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