Building a vision for our next 100 years

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg Foundation. In the latest issue of the foundation’ s magazine Working Together they invited several Winnipegers to offer their vision for Winnipeg’s next 100 years and the role philanthropy might say.

This is a selection of portraits I took to accompany several of the essays

Creating images for the Winnipeg Foundation has quite simply been a career defining moment for me. Over several years, I have documented the stories, meeting people of all kinds, seeing everyone collectively “working together to build a Winnipeg where community life flourishes for all.”  The staff of the Foundation, the various board members, the donors, the grant recipients, all of them, seeing all of this first hand has truly inspired me to be a better person

When I first started working for the the Foundation it was a small, quiet, organization hardly anyone has heard about, that told a handful of grant stories in their annual report.I’ve watched the Foundation grow with a communications teams that does an amazing about of work to fully engage with the community. They utilize every platform and avenue available, from producing this magazine, to podcasts, to community forums, to ad campaigns that run city- wide. It’s extremely gratifying to see my images play a small role in everything!

I encourage you to seek out this issue of the magazine and read all the essay’s and then ask yourself, what is YOU vision of Winnipeg for the next 100 years

While in college I originally wanted to be a photojournalist. I wanted to create images that changed the world for the better. As I went through school I realized that rarely happened in the newspaper world. But I’ve seen the images I’ve created for the Foundation enlighten and inform people, I’d like to think my work over the years with the Winnipeg Foundation as changed my city, For Good. Forever