Testing Kit

Testing Kit, originally uploaded by www.ian.ca.

Awhile ago I alluded on Twitter that I had one of the weirdest shoots coming up. Now it can be revealed. Working with Tetro, the shoot was for Cancercare and was the photo how-to manual for the ColonRectal screening kit. This shot is probably the only shot I can show you without the risk of offending or getting my blog reflagged.

The client was looking for a way of showing how to perform the test correctly in a way that everyone could understand, regardless of age, language, etc. The designers looks at how several other jurisdictions present this information and how hard they tried to skirt the issues yet never really spelling it out in a plain way. The power of photography over cartoon illustrations is there is no way to misinterpret what you’re seeing.

So for as much this shoot generated a lot of funny comments, it IS nice to be involved in something that might help save lives.