I am once again back into Tai Chi. It’s been about two years when I walked away from the Taoist Tai chi club. The problem at the time was it had become far too political. The efforts of the head office to maintain standards of teaching managed to alienate the instructors I respected, reward lesser qualified people and the result was the intent and focus of the classes were lost.

Then a group found a new teacher and broke away. Then people were starting to get competitive about that. Everything was adding up to a scene that was so far removes from the principles of Taoism I walked away.

Now I have searched out the group that broke away and tried their practise sessions. Everyone leads the class at some point, you are encouraged to practise in your own style or speed and we just do the practise and thats it! No standing and and arguing about one move, we do our thing and we’re done! I like this. We’ll see how I manage to keep this up 3 times a week but I am going to need this release.