Another high light of this amazing summer was a trip to Churchill. Previous trips to the north, for North West, we’d stop in Churchill for fuel on the way to points beyond. This was usually in Feb when the town is pretty much a sleepy community of 600 people. One year we even stayed over night in Churchill while we waited for the weather to blow over in Arviat, only to find things dead quite. But this 3 day trip on behalf of Travel Manitoba was during the summer months. I was excited to experience the Churchill that everyone talks about, a town in full swing of the tourism season.

I can’t show you all the photos I took but I can offer some of my more touristy snaps.

The best part of the trip for me was snorkelling with the belugas. An incredible experience everyone should have the chance to enjoy.

Polar bear sightings at the new research station

One of the tasks I had while there was the document the new research centre recently completed. About 30mins outside of town, leading scientists from all over the world will come and study the climate, environment, and wildlife. I love this scene we stumbled upon, scientist doing his research.

The world famous tundra buggies

The world famous Gypsy Cafe, amazing food!

We did manage to get up close to several bears, including this one swimming.

Our boat trip to see polar bears was exciting and full of adventure. It just stuns me that in one day you can wake up (early) in Winnipeg, and by the end of the day you can spent several hours on the Hudson Bay, viewing  Polar Bears & Belugas. We live in an amazing province!

here’s a clip of me in the water with the belugas.