This summer was arguably the best one we’ve had here in Winnipeg in a long long time. While it started off wet and dreary in May, but june it evolved into one of legends. Constantly people were saying “THIS is the kind of summer I remember as a kid!” ┬áThe warm temperatures, coupled witha long dry spelll produced something extraordinary, a summer with NO mosquitoes! Amazing!

If there was a summer to be 6 years old, this was the one! Liam had an amazing summer, he started it by doing his first overnight camp at Camp Arnes. He loved it, didn’t miss us at all, and is making plans to go again next year. After that excursion, we felt confident shipping him off! He spent 4 days with his grandparents just north of Gimli, and also a week with friends in Morden.

Of course camping was a priority in our summer plans. Many weekends spent at all the wonderful parks within reach of the city: St Malo, Grand Beach, Spruce Woods, Rushing River, Turtle Mountain

Here are a few photos from our summer of amazing camping. you can see the entire set over on Flickr.


Canada day sunset in Keewatin Ontario


Canada Day!

GrandBeach 3

Sand Angels

GrandBeach 7

Our set up!


a boy and his frog