Monique of Style Hunter Fox came to me with another idea of a shoot. She had this suit and wanted to show how versatile they could be, expanding your wardrobe. At the same time I was busy watching a Sue Bryce live demo on how to do a big  group shot in a small space. For her demo she was using one person several times and in the course of answering questions from people watching,  she had to state the obvious:  “No you don’t shoot the same person 8 times, you use different people! I can’t for the life of me think of a time where you’d want to shoot the same person 8 or 9 times!” Wait a sec! Suddenly I did!

We had a lot of fun mapping out the outfits and the poses and assembled it roughly on the fly to see how it might all work. We used the Vanity Fair style 3 panel gatefold as our inspiration. It took us about an hour to shoot everything, that was the easy part. Assembling it took a bit longer 🙂

You can read more about the fashions over at Monique’s blog