One of my goals this year was to reach out to people who I admire and see if we could collaborate together.  Monique AKA Style Hunter Fox is definitely someone I wanted to work with and I was thrilled when she agreed.

I was even more excited when she revealed her plans, to showcase local finds while channels this season’s looks:

There are two truths that my followers would know about me they would be these. First, I looooove fashion!!! It inspires me and brings me joy! Secondly, I adore Winnipeg! Our vibrant cultural events, majestic skies, the one degree of separation from anyone you meet.

Now one might think that a “shop local” voice like mine would sometimes find our prairie-city-with-a-small-town-vibe to be a frustrating place to find the fashions that I desire, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many seem to equate “a stylish city” with one that has many H&M locations or uber expensive department stores. Let me give you a different perspective of a stylish city. MY view of the fashion available to us in our home town.

While pouring over the not-to-be-missed September issue of Vogue for fall fashion, I felt instantly inspired by not only the images I saw but by what I knew to be happening in our own, local design scene.

You can read more about Monique style choices, links to local retailers, all of it, over on her blog… HERE>

I had fun creating these images, many thanks to Monique for the opportunity to work on this project!


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