Online photographer posted this article titled The Difference Between a Photographer and an Artist. Definitely worth a read. A bunch of stuff in there, a few quotes to tweak your interest:

You have several really important controls over how you can express your opinion. The first one is to only show your best stuff; never show your sh*t….
…Never showing your sh*t is a principle that a great many photographers are violating as a matter of course these days. …¬†They throw all their stuff up on the web where anybody can see it. It’s like letting people paw through your underwear drawer: that should be private. We don’t want to see it…
Oh, and by the way, the difference between an art photographer and a professional is that the art photographer insists on satisfying her own opinions about her work in her work. A professional defers to other peoples’ opinions…usually the client’s, or that of the client’s representatives. There’s more to it than this, but that there’s the short-short version.