Snapseed IocnYou read that right, one of my top five apps for the iphone is now FREE! Best of all it’s free on both iOS and Android mobile platforms.  I can’t rave enough about Snapseed and it’s difficult to talk about why it’s great. Check out this review of the app:

While I have bought the desktop version for the low price of $20 I don’t find it as necessary as the version on iOS. But that’s me. For all of you who get new Mac laptops and itunes gift cards for Xmas, it’s a great basic app to tweak your pictures.

With Google’s purchase of Nik Software, a lot of us pros who use Nik’s plugins for the desktop were worried what might happen. But Googles first move, to make Snapseed free, has be a very smart one. How can anyone argue with something so cool becoming free?