Scott Walker is releasing a new record, Bish Bosch. It won’t be easy.

As many of you may or many not know, I am a huge fan of Scott Walker. I love his old stuff and I find his new stuff very challenging. But I enjoy being challenged by music, so I make an effort to really listen to his new stuff. It can scare and amuse sometimes at the same time. I am looking forward to this new album!

How to approach a record like Bish Bosch?
 Scott insists none of his work is in any way autobiographical. So you are compelled to re-think the way you experience music to get the most out of these pieces. Instead it’s more like a form of sonic fiction (magic realism, cut-up, sci-fi and historical reinvention all rolled up into distinct packages). There are frequently two, three or more ideas packed into each song: scenarios that seem distinct at first but whose connections are subtly revealed. The lyrics process a mass of data, set to music that often veers into filmic sound effects and Foley artistry. Songs leap across giant historical chasms or reach for the outer limits of space. A single number can contain references to molecular biology and sulphurous farts; quotes from the Bible and Hollywood film directors; medieval leather shoes and Algonquin chiefs. They unashamedly revel in unfamiliar words, technical terminology and obscure references, so keep a dictionary handy and bookmark Wikipedia. It’s all part of the fun.