@rodrigo_beilfuss the Artistic Director of Shakespeare in the Ruins came by the studio last week for a fresh portrait ahead of an exciting season for SIR. 

Rodrigo speaks of the upcoming season:
“There really is nothing better than experiencing a play in community with others – if the story grabs our attention, it all begins to feel like a religious experience (as Freddie Mercury once sang, ‘it’s a kind of magic’). Suddenly, our sense of what’s real and what’s make-believe starts to blur, and we begin to move toward a mutual recognition and a common ground that can only be discovered by the experience of laughing at our absurdity together. That is the transformative power of live theatre.

I cannot wait for you to be a part of this adventure. In this overwhelming age of digital disruption, hysterical polarization and mass distraction, SIR’s 2024 season is a celebration of theatre itself – and an experience designed for you to find solace, peace and a great deal of laughter.”

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