Stoughton_McCauslandA recent editorial shoot on Team Stoughton and Jeff’s relationship with his home club, Charleswood. When I received the call from Sportsnet , they had no idea of my passion for the sport of Curling. I love the game, I’ve been doing it since I was a kid, a few of my peers went on to great success, winning national and world championships. I can recall very clearly being firmly beaten by Jeff Stoughton when I was 16 in the Free Press Holiday ‘Spiel, he was very focused way back then.

The day I dropped by Team Stoughton was also very focused, this being their first team practise on the newly installed home club ice. This season, more than any other,teams across Canada are working extremely hard to earn the right to represent the country at the Socchi Olympics. The Roar Of the Rings happening this week here in Winnipeg is the competition to determine that. It’s going to be quite an amazing week of curling!

When I shoot this kind of stuff I never know what they might use, how much room they have in the spread, and of course what they like, so I tend to shoot a lot. I try and error on the side of too many good ones. I thought I’d share a few out takes as well. Curling is a tough sport to shoot stills of, the excitement, the strategy, the pressure to perform at this competitive level, it’s all very difficult to capture in one still image.


Jeff_Stoughton-1 Jeff_Stoughton-9 Jeff_Stoughton-8 Jeff_Stoughton-7 Jeff_Stoughton-6 Jeff_Stoughton-5 Jeff_Stoughton-4 Jeff_Stoughton-3 Jeff_Stoughton-2