I had no idea who Robb Nash was when we lined up this shoot for the Winnipeg Foundation, but it seemed like it was a big deal. When the tour bus rolled up front of Nelson McIntyre Collegiate and the kids started hanging around the front door waiting for Robb to walk in, I got an idea.

Then as we tried to get Robb over to our set up to photograph him in the halls and the crowds of kids who just wanted to say hi to him started to grow, I started to get the sense of who he was.

I urge you hit up Robb’s website and watch his story. I can’t do it justice here, but needless to say it’s inspiring. If  you’re a parent of a kid who’s seen him perform and then come home and talked about it, you’ll know what I am talking about.

We showcased Robb and his tour as one of the many amazing projects The  Winnipeg Foundation funds, for the newly redesigned magazine Working Together. Part of the story was a testimonial from a former student who cites Robb’s performance as pivotal in changing her outlook. Her name is one of many tattooed on his arm. These are kids who’ve reached out to him, handed over suicide notes, seeking help and changed their outlook.