Recently I had Recycling SuperHero Michael drop by the studio. We had to create a variety of images for use in the recent ad campaign promoting recycling here in Winnipeg

Advertising in 2018 means that when we’re creating content, we have to be mindful of all the different applications it will be used in. Traditional mediums like billboards and print remain important, but digital ads , social media and online video all require attention. Being mindful of the different demands in formats, and shapes is especially important.

The talent was used in a previous campaign and is very comfortable in front of the camera, so that made things easier for me. The creative was already full scripted for the TV spots so that help define an effective shot list making this photoshoot just a matter of running through the list and checking off all the images required. The client’s efforts in creating an organized shot list goes a long way toward making the photoshoot, effortless and fun!

You can see the images in use on digital ads, on the website and on billboards around the city.