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For over 30 years, I’ve focused mainly on photographing people.  But the breadth of my experience also includes a lot of product photography.  

I started my career with doing product and food shots for Eaton’s, then for many years I produced product shots for print advertising and catalogues, for such clients as Saan, The Northwest Company and many more.

Over the last decade, with clients embracing digital photography themselves,  I have been asked to consult in helping them establish an in-house system with workflow and processes to produce their own images for e-commerce.

But there are still instances where the product shot is technically demanding, is a diverse product mix, or requires a specific workflow to retain organization. That’s where a professional is needed.  Here are three examples shot just this past year, as clients were driven to take their business online due to the pandemic.

Morden’s Chocolate

Edible product has to look appealing, so good lighting is essential, add in some high-end shiny packaging and it becomes a technically demanding shoot 

You an see an example here

Release Media

Establishing an online ordering system with over 100 items, Release Media approached me to photograph all the items and produce images where the product is cut out of the background and ready for multiple uses

You can see any example of it here

Reliance Products

A product line of similar looking products but in different sizes and volumes required a workflow where we are naming the products as we go using the inventory names to make organizing the several hundred images so much easier.

you can see an example here

So, whether you simply need guidance to produce your own shots, or you need an expert to do it for you, let’s talk and get your e-commerce launched just right!

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