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Recently, we had a shoot here in the studio for the PR House. From their website:

The PRHouse is home to veteran public relations talent. 
When there’s a lot at stake – your reputation, your money, your investors’ good will – you need people on your bench who have been through it before.
You need a team that comes with all the skills from strategy to delivery, from media relations to video production. We can predict what’s about to happen next because we’ve been there before. We’ve managed crises for decades. We know what’s coming next.
We’ve moved good news stories from the local stage to the international arena to get you the profile you need.
All the talent you need to get tell your story told can be found in-house at the PRHouse.

The challenge was to showcase the wide range of talent within the group in an easy way on the website. We should everyone within the group as individuals or small teams. Then they was placed together to create these banner images that cycle through on the main page of the site.

As you can see by the smiling faces, everyone enjoyed the experience. In fact the studio shoot became the basis of the video explaining the whole concept behind the PR House. Here’s the video: