Watching David’s Portrait a Day project all year I was wondering when I’d finally make it. Well that day finally came on Dec. 23rd. While we originally planned to doing something at the studio, it didn’t work out that way. We ended up doing something in my little corner of the basement where I have all my books. I am kinda glad we did here, as it its the place I go to draw inspiration, from the various photographer’s monographs I have collected over the years. When I have a big project coming or want to generate some ideas, I put on some music pull up a chair and flip through the pages of the photographers that I admire. Each of them offer me lessons, not only on technique, what camera settings and all that, but how to live your life as a photographer. In this age of instant experts, online forums, and opportunistic seminars, I draw on real world experience stretched over years or decades for inspiration.

7 years ago a young keener came along, and was open to learning from my real world experience. Both Brian and I myself saw bits of ourselves in David, he had the traits we knew you really needed to make it in this business: perseverance. professionalism, the willingness to learn from your mistakes. Yeah maybe we are two of the ” 3 or 4 people who will actually tell me when my work sucks.” But it’s testament to David’s drive that he wouldn’t want it any other way. After  all these years and have the opportunity to shoot just about anybody and anything, watching a talent photographer like David grow and move forward, this year in particular, is as gratifying as creating any image myself.

David said some very nice words about us working together, best to hit the post here and read them.