I have such a great job, I get to meet so many interesting people. Nicole is one of those people. We worked together on several projects over the years, with Nicole doing hair and makeup on them. I finally decided one day I need to photograph her, and told her so!

Well it took a few years for that to finally happen. We’re both busy people! But I am so glad I finally had Nicole drop by the studio for a portrait. She is a wonderful person, incredible beautiful inside and out. As is always the case, when I have interesting people in the studio, I almost have to remember to take some photos, we just talk and talk…


Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-3_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCauslandNicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-6_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCauslandNicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-7_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCauslandNicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-8_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-9_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland
Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-11_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCauslandNicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-17 copy_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland

The Petzval 58mm

Nicole allowed me to try out my new lens as well. The Petzval 58mm  from Lomography. It isn’t a perfect lens and thats why I kinda like it! It create all sorts of weird aberrations and out of focus stuff!

from the website :

The New Petzval 58 Lens allows you to control the bokeh in your photos like never before. With each different bokeh level and aperture combination, you’ll get entirely different effects. Pick your Bokeh Control and Aperture Level here and discover your very own favorite combination for Petzval perfection

Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-12_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-14_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-23_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-21_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland Nicole_Pielou_by_Ian_McCausland-22_Ian_McCausland_Ian_McCausland