Here’s hoping Christmas was as exciting as this clip. You have to read the story about it as well.

Christmas morning 1998 – packages all around the tree. Dad, video camera in hand, hits “record” as the action begins. Rachel (6) and Brandon (9) begin to tear into the wrapping of a big present and then start to scream hysterically as they realize a dream that has come true.

“Nintendo 64!… Oh my… GOD!!!!!… YES!… YES!!… YES!!!” They got the PERFECT present.

Jump ahead to March 2006 – 16 year old Brandon is sharing home videos with his girlfriend Aysha who sees it for the first time and explodes with laughter… Brandon then took her suggestion and posted the one minute video online.

The clip quickly became an internet sensation with remixes, spoofs, animations and even online tributes to the N64 kids.

July: VH1 airs the video on “WebJunk 20”

September: Jay Leno highlights the video on “The Tonight Show” as part of a segment dedicated to videos found on YouTube and the immense impact that these videos can have on modern culture.

November: is launched, BMW uses the kids in their Holiday TV commercial, MTV uses clip in video game show commercial

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Brandon & Rachel wish that your holiday dreams come true too!