Having been in three different stores, I have to attest, they are very cool spaces to “hang out” in. Even non-Mac peeps go to play there. Link goes to entire article…

Meet me at the Apple Store

More than just retail space, it’s a place where geeks and techno-teens mingle in harmony

Sunday, November 19, 2006



Walk by the Staten Island Mall’s Apple Store on any given night, and the scene is similar: inside are just as many young teens mugging for the digital cameras as hip elders learning how to edit their own movies and cut their own podcasts. The toughs in baggy jeans futz with iPods and try to lay hip-hop tracks on the digital synthesizers (with, often, the computer belching their discordant notes back at them through high-fidelity speakers). And the computer brainiac workers recognizable by their shirts emblazoned with the word “genius” are the most sought-after people in the place.

It’s a place where computer geeks and the tech-savvy download, surf and shop in harmony

The customers say they love it