Off to San Fran for, what might be, the last Macworld. Apple announced they aren’t going to attend next year’s event. Previously, this has been the kiss of death for other Macworlds. We’ll see next year, for now there are a few things I am looking to observe:

-The Product mix. The iphone continues to dominate and take as much room as the mac itself. Plenty of phones and speakers for all the ipods and iphones.

-The impact of the economy. Adobe and Belkin already announced they are going to be there this year. Belkin was no big deal, can’t say I’ll miss them, but Adobe was a popular booth. We’ll see how other companies react to the economy.

-Apple, post-Steve. The other bombshell is Steve Jobs WON’T be giving the keynote address. His health and it’s impact to the company continues to be a top story among Apple fans and the business world. How many other top companies can boast a cult of personality around their CEO, especially THESE days?

-Apple’s product announcements. Once again speculation is in overdrive. My money is on a new and improved Mac Mini targeted as media centre. The home theatre is the new front line in technology battles. The one item everyone STILL bough this Christmas was a big new TV. Now how do you get all those pics, tunes and movies out of the computer on to the big new tv? This is where Apple’s ease of use should dominate. But it’s anyone’s guess.

Talk to you when I get to San Fran