One of the fun projects I was able to do last summer was documenting a locally owned Mack truck for the 2021 Mack Truck calendar

From The Mack website:

The Mack Calendar Contest allows Mack® truck owners to submit photos of their trucks in six categories: one for each of Mack’s current models, including the Mack Anthem®, Pinnacle, Granite®, LR and TerraPro, plus an additional category for Mack models which are no longer in production. To qualify, all trucks must be in revenue-producing service in routine actual use and not kept as a show truck or antique.

Mack’s fans and followers on social media then voted for the truck they liked best in each category. The two most popular trucks in each category get featured.

Dave Hood of Grizzly Transport out of Hadashville, owns a Pinnacle model featured in the calendar. We showcased the truck in a very unique environment, where he regularly hauls peat moss. Of course we have to wait for the golden hour, while shining up the trucks with the eat moss harvesting happening all around us. Everything needed a good clean afterwards with all that silt flying about!

Mack were VERY gracious to send two printed copies of the calendar, they are huge 16X20, but in these Covid times, customs inspection and shipping managed to chew on both copies. Oh well, still very cool to see my work in print!