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Living With Racism is an online learning resource meant to inform and educate viewers from different sectors of work on the impact of racism on a broad range of people. Whereas many might consider racism to be non-existent, an IPSOS poll says that 28 percent of Canadians (keeping in mind nearly 1 in 3 Canadians are indigenous or people of color) have experienced overt racism. Though many people (including people of color) may not believe they have engaged in racism, this resource shares the stories of people who have experienced racism in numerous ways, sometimes more subtle, sometimes overt, that have had clear impacts on the lives and wellbeing of these people.

Each story is a vulnerable disclosure of the intimate and challenging experiences of racism that are often not shared with those from the non-racialized community. As a result many remain unaware of the depth of the problem, or that they too may have engaged in racist and marginalizing behaviors. For people of color, they are often told they are being too sensitive, and they are often gaslit into believing their experiences are invalid. For them, this resource hopes to be self-affirming, encouraging more acceptance and perhaps strength to fight racism.

In either regards, this is a resource meant to help identify, empathize, and help create positive change for the experiences of everyday racism less spoken about. These are the experiences of people Living With Racism.