Lauren_MacDiarmid_1 Lauren_MacDiarmid_2While I’ve only gone through the process once, and some of my friends have done as many as three times, anyone can tell you that having a child is a life changing experience. There is everything you know about life before and then everything you learn after!

As much as people with kids love to share this idea gleefully with couples expecting in some form of payback, it’s also a reason for celebration. Having a baby is as big and in some ways bigger that getting married (And of course, these days one step does not always lead to the other) So when clients I work with are expecting their first child I always make the offer to do some maternity photos. I’ve worked with Lauren at NSI  for awhile now and the last time I did some work at NSI you could really see that glow a mother to be has. I asked if she’d be interested in photos and both her and her husband Jay graciously agreed to drop by for some photos. We had a lot of fun taking them.

We talked about how even though it might feel kind of awkward or silly to pose up these kind of photos, they just become so valuable over time, a great way to remember the first few steps of an amazing journey. Personally, I’m at a point where Liam is old enough, he enjoys seeing photos and hearing stories about how he came into this world. I am so glad Lauren and Jay came by to share this moment with me and I can’t wait to meet the special person they are bringing into the world!