Congratulations to Langside Grocery for representing West Broadway and Winnipeg on Canada’s Best list of 50 Best Bars in Canada.

As Langside Grocery wrote on their Instagram post: “This is down to the staff’s hard work (@stephanpossin !  @jacqgourlay@daniellesneesby @a_weissguy@kylesformiles) and as the award covered, @casey_conrad_bee who’s contribution to our little corner joint has been educational, enlightening and humbling (if it’s about spirits, he knows…everything). Casey just graduated law school so bittersweet congratulations are in order but his contributions will have a lasting impact at LG! Thanks Casey. Huge Congrats to @patent5distillery @forthbar & @yourenoteca for their places on the list!!”

While Langside Grocery is renown in the city as a very cool and cozy spot to enjoy amazing drinks, it’s not the brightest place in the world! What do you do when you are working in quite possibly the moodiest room in the city? Fast glass, overshoot on frames and then spend a bit more time in post-processing! I enjoyed the challenge, and the drinks!

By the way if you’re like me and love reading about local Winnipeg History, check out this blog post on the history of the building and the grocery, quite interesting!