As planned the BIG BOXING DAYFILM (a tradition started a few years ago) was King Kong.
It was everything they sayit is and more.
First off, I have to mention two trailers. Micheal Mann’s Mamai Vice trailer has more style in the 3mins than most cop flicks have in 90. The man virtually invented the idea of finding cool music and marrying it to cool visuals. (Without Micheal Mann, no CSI) I have no desire to see this film but I’d watch the trailer again!(the link is a shorter version, similar)

The trailer for the third Xmen film uses cool music as well, and the whole thing gave me shivers. It looked amazing. Back when I was into comics Xmen was my title. This looks like everything I’d want and more. The 13 yr old in me is PUMPED!

What can one say about King Kong that you don’t already know? One thing that got me over and over again, the eyes. Both Naomi Watts and Kong’s eyes conveyed so much in the scenes they had together, it was incredible. The feats of technology are astounding. It pays homage to the original in several scenes and lines. It’s really scareey for an 7 yr old nephew. It puts peter jackson on the top. Go see it.