Its been awhile now with my iphone and yes it’s indispensable!

Here are a few things I really like about my iphone

Mobile Me
The integration of the calendar, contacts and emails through MobileMe actually works as advertised. It’s great to enter something in either my desktop, or phone and then later see it on the other device, with out consiously syncing. For someone like myself it’s worth the price of admission for that alone.

The ambient music generator by Brian Eno. Yes that Eno. You touch the screen to make random loops. Very relaxing and my son’s favorite thing to play on the iPhone.

Camera Bag
a $2.99 app that process the images you take with the built in camera to simulate the effects of Holga, Lomo, colour film from 1974 and a few others. I just bought this so examples are forthcoming.

Air Me
A small app that replaces the camera interface and uplaods the images directly to Flickr. I have already talked about this one, its free and is nice

If you want to see your Flickr account and view your contacts images, then Exposure is the app to use, runs very quick. recently Flickr optimized a mobile version of their site specififcally for iphones and it works very well too!

I pull this one out for fun. It will find the 5 closest Tim Hortons, you pick one and it will kick over to the GPS and show you how to get there. Yeah you could just use the GPS but that’s not as much fun. They do a Strabucks ver of this app but you have to buy it. The cost is less that a Grande Latte.