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Inside the Phenomenon

When Panasonic released the DVX100 camera in November of 2002, they had no idea of the passion and fanaticism that would soon grow around their product.

The first 24p DV camera available to prosumers quickly became the talk of the online world by providing its owners with a visible means of producing footage at least visually equal to high-end film originated material. Frustrated by simply being a bystander in the existing online communities discussing his new favorite camera, Vancouver-based independent filmmaker Jarred Land decided he could do them one better. So in July of 2003, Jarred registered the domain and opened an online discussion forum focused on DVX100 owners.

DVXuser”Our first couple of days were pretty quiet, just me saying ‘welcome’ and a few people stopping by to lurk or say hi,” Land recalls. But the calm didn’t last long. Word traveled fast among other online communities that a new home had sprung up. Within a year, had over 3,000 registered users and many of them were talking about subjects other than the DVX100.”