Gather at The Leaf Website
Gather at The leaf Website
Gather at The Leaf Website

It’s not often that I have been asked to be involved with a restaurant from the moment of it’s creation, so I am extremely excited to be involved with the launch of Gather at The Leaf.

One of the biggest challenges was to create images before the space was completed. But the team at Assiniboine Park Conservancy has such a strong vision for the restaurant, we were able to craft plenty of images for the website ahead of launch.

Once the space was complete we created more images showcasing the environment , patrons enjoying themselves and yet more delicious dishes.

This will be a destination, make sure to incorporate a stop at Gather into your visit to The Leaf.

image of screens showcasing Gather at The Leaf
Even as you enter The Leaf you’ve be greeted by images from Gather

Globally Inspired Modern Prairie Cuisine

Around the world, people gather with food for celebration, ceremony, and connection. Gather Craft Kitchen & Bar, located in The Leaf at Assiniboine Park, explores food from across cultures, incorporating fresh, locally-sourced, and seasonal ingredients from our gardens. Craveable dishes incorporate traditional flavours and techniques from around the world, inspired by the nature that surrounds us all. Pickled, preserved, fermented or straight off the vine, local ingredients are creatively prepared to highlight the amazing growers and farmers in Manitoba. Inventive, botanical cocktails made with herbs grown in-house, seasonal fruits, and house-made syrups will delight the senses.
print ad showcasing Gather at The Leaf
Creating images that not only work online but in print was important.
Portraits of Chef Mike inside Gather at The Leaf
Chef Mike managed to smile while working tirelessly to bring everything together
patrons enjoying a meal in Gather at the Leaf
Orchestrating patrons to create images to covey the warmth of the space was key

Experience chef driven, globally inspired cuisine. Small plates encourage the sharing and sampling of dishes that celebrate biodiversity and multiculturalism. From farm to fork, mains highlight local and seasonal favourites of the region. Cardamom, guava, sugar cane and coconut found growing in the biomes have inspired our extensive cocktail list.
Website banner food shot
website banner food shot
Banner shaped images for use on the website
closeup of dessert Gather at The Leaf
closeup of entre Gather at The Leaf
closeup of entre Gather at The Leaf
Providing a wide variety of image shapes for use on all platforms including Instagram was essential.
Kitchen staff working Gather at the Leaf
Candid images of the kitchen staff being used for recruitment