I’m still trying to figure out where this blog fits in light of the social media I engage in. So I offer some of the “people in my neighbourhood” that I know locally who are doing such a great job of blogging. Each of one of these people are so special and exemplify not only the spirit of blogging but of living an creative life. They inspire me.

http://winnipegcyclechick.com/ Though you wouldn’t know it by this blog, Andrea is an amazingly talented designer. Her passion showcased on this blog is all things cycling. That she blogs about with supreme wit and humour makes this blog a favourite read. Finding this passion outside of her chosen discipline inspires me to search out something outside of mine

http://karenia.ca/blog/ Karen is also an extremely talented designer. Her discovery of photography and a creative outlet is inspiring to me for she reminds me of the wonder and beauty that photography has to offer.

http://lovelife.typepad.com/ Kal is simply amazing. When I look for inspiration in living a creatively infused life, I look to Kal’s blog. She is an artist with everything she does.

http://jeope.blogspot.com/ Jeope is very deceiving. When you met him FTF ( Face to Face) with his seemingly quiet demeanour, you have absolutely no idea that you are standing in the presence of one of the best, wittiest, most talented illustrator-photog-blogger combinations you will ever met. I love reading about all the things he does and how his connection to the natural world infuses his creativity.

http://www.winnipegstreetphotography.com// Trevor is an amazing street photographer. He embodies the spirit of street shooting in every way. He gets out there, shoots what he sees, sometimes even on film. He reminds me of my passionate days in RRCC when I wanted to be Eugene Smith and “keep it pure”, shoot wide, print full frame. I look to his work to inspire me to shoot loose, shoot fast, but most of all just SHOOT!