Today I am doing a talk at ACI Manitoba here called “A Freelancer’s Guide to Social Media” Here are 5ive ideas I’ll be sharing

1. I do pretty well with SEO. I don’t spend a dime. I do my keywords, and then make sure my website is in every profile I fill out. I point back from Facebook, twitter, etc to this blog.

2. New networks support old networks, they don’t replace them. Social media has given me opportunities to network FTF with in turns supports my social media networks which then gives me more opportunities… well you get the idea.

3. The 1%. typically its about 1% of people online that contribute the majority of the conversation. Be part of that group. Don’t worry about being stupid, silly, just do it!

4. The only people who are saying social media is the be all and end all, are people who gain by you believing that. If you’ve bought a book, paid money to hear people talk about it, etc. that is the social media industry. (My talk is free BTW)

5. No one seems to know for sure what is the magic combination. I’ve had people who are big on social networks say to me “who knows how this is gonna shake out, I have no idea where it’s going!!”

So if you’re just starting, and you fell this way, don’t worry it doesn’t go away!