In honour of the talk today I am giving at ACI on my “Social Media Strategy” I offer 5ive thoughts and 5ive links

1. Master your domain

The point of all this sharing is to point everything to your domain. Your domain is where you are 100% in control of your data and your content. Networks come and go, but you will still be here. Last year we didn’t have Vine or SnapChat or Video in Instagram. What’s the next big thing? Also splintering off and finding the niche networks, find the network that best connects you to your customer.


SHOW UP, and commit to this, don’t toy with it, find the balance you find comfortable and schedule it into your marketing. Social media is no longer something you might try on top of your more traditional marketing methods, it’s going to be the primary method. Create a schedule of maintenence or posts and put it into the calendar. No one loves to see a website that hasn’t been updated in 6-8 months. Also be patient, this is a marathon not a sprint. These networks are organic in their growth, you must foster them.

3. Just Sing,.. Sing a song..

“…Don’t worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear just sing, sing a song.” -Sesame Street

As a creative people we have a great knack for discounting our work into oblivion. We see only the mistakes, the flaws in everything we do. Or perhaps we’re scared people will laugh at what we have to say. Overcoming that resistance and get getting the work out in front of people is key. Also talking about whatever is important to you reveals the person behind the website.

4. Be that Guy

1% of people online produce the majority of the content. Participate in conversations, share your knowledge, become “I know this guy ”  I have scored work off twitter cuz someone I don’t know asked “who does killer photography?” and someone I follow said “This guy is awesome”
 I love getting phones calls where someone says “everyone says you’re the guy” The best is when the referral comes from someone I have yet to work with they just follow my content!


Its not enough to throw stuff out there, you need to connect as a human. Face to Face is the fulfillment of the promise made on social media. You’re smart interesting creative etc and now here is your chance to prove it in person. Associations, tweet ups, meet ups, other social events provide opportunity for you to grow your networks. Hand out the business cards, you can’t stop doing that, its even MORE important you do that now. Old school networking hasn’t been replaced by social media, in fact the two work together.
5ive Locals I follow who exemplify social media.
Kal is an amazing and creative artists, mom and friend to many. How do I know this? I read her blog. All these aspects of her personality, her work, her  hopes and dreams are on there. You can’t look at her work and not think of the person behind it!
Andrea is an amazing graphic designer, but when she started blogging she blogged about her other passion, cycling. Funny, frank, honest, her voice is heard clearly in her posts. She’s all over twitter as well, and suddenly whenever any of her followers find something cool on cycling, we pass it along to her. She started blogging and a few locals were reading but over time her blog grew and grew and now she’s getting the attention of manufacturers and other in the cycling industry. If you asked her if this was ever her intention I am sure she’d say no. She just wrote about what she’s passionate about.
David gave himself a challenge, to create one portrait a day for a year, a great self assignment. Forget for a moment about the creative challenges a project like this entails, the technical demands, the search for the next subject,(If you want to be a subject, just ask him!) Its the frequency that is impressive. It builds anticipation and creates repeat visits. Long after this year long project is over, his followers will continue to check in on his blog.
Another amazing designer sharing what moves him, some of which is not design! Again the collection of quotes, thoughts on current events and design inspiration provide a glimpse into the artist’s mind.
Lindsay is a personal trainer. She’s smart, witty and funny and fully engaged on both her blog and twitter. She freely shares her expertise on exercise and fitness. When you’re ready to get in shape and ask around where to go, chances are someone will say “OH! I know this gal, she’s great!” Heck I’d say that and I am not even a client!
Bonus Local!
I just realized I tend to focus on creatives in visual mediums,and in my presentation notes I single out writers for generally having bad websites. I would be totally remiss to not mention my good friend Shel Zolkewich. She spent the money on a proper website, she embraced twitter wholeheartedly and shares freely her passions for the outdoors, food and travel.  She’s proof that you don’t’ have to be a visual creative to fully exploit the potential of social media.