Good morning!!
In honour of the Instagram photo walk I’ll be hosting today here are my Friday 5ive,: tips on using instagram.

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Clean the Lens.

Sounds obvious and kinda silly but your iphone is in and out of  your pocket or purse. Lint and fuz can stick on or around the lens, especially with a case on. Oh and shut off the flash.

Time it right

Most iphone camera apps capture an image when your lift your finger OFF the button. So hold your finger down and lift it up when the time is right. With a little practise you can capture some decisive moments.
The front of the house

Capture & Edit with other apps.

Most successful Instagrammers use apps other than Instagram to capture and edit their images. When you capture your image with Instagram, you have edit caption and set sharing options for each frame. Better to capture with an app such as the standard Camera App and save the editing for later. Editing with apps with more selective controls such as my fave, Snapseed, allow you edit well after the moment and give you a lot more control.
Early am walk
One Step Closer, or lower or higher..

Juist before you shoot, ask yourself,”would this photo benefit from me moving closer to my subject?” Considering how small your images are seen, clarity and intent on what you’re trying to show is important. Changing your perspective, moving the phone higher or lower,is also a great way to create interest.
Peaches yum!
Don’t forget the hashtags.

The fun part of Instagram is sharing your photo with friends and like minded users. Using hashtags in your caption ensures you’re images get in front of the people who will appreciate them.
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