5ive Guilty Pleasure songs

(with links to their respective youtube videos.)

– you know a song is a classic by the fact that the official video is buried amongst numerous covers.This is the closest I got finding the official video.

-The 80’s were a fun era in music. Song like this could actually chart for weeks. At least they did here in Winnipeg. I don’t know about the rest of the world. They would play the long intro on the radio!

This was a B side to the 12 inch single of Long Hot Summer. Had no idea what it was all about back in 1984, it was just a great pop song I fell in love with. Hipsters take note of the clothes.

-I can’t remember the whole gag behind this cartoon band, couple guys from another band made up this band I think, aimed at the teeny bopper crowd, but this was just so catchy.

One of those songs you can’t help but sing along even if you can’t make out the actual words.

Feel free to share your guilty pleasure songs in the comments!