Wens evening Kev and I attended this event, for the second time. You know you’re at a video industry event when all the raffle prizes have a few more zeros in the value. The best prize was a week’s rental of the soon to be released RED camera. This new video camera would RENT for $1500 a DAY and someone managed to get a week’s worth for that price. That’s huge. Kev managed to win a prize, a HD that you can shoot video directly into. Very sweet.
Oh and there were presenters, Assoc editor Sean Cullen who with Walter Murch, is working on Francis Ford Coppolla‘s next feature. There was also the guy who edited Zodiac, upcoming movie from the guy who did Seven. Its a true story set in San Fran and we walked out of the venue turned the corner and were standing on the corner we JUST SAW in the trailer, how cool is that! The Apple Final Cut dev team were set up and you could go talk to them directly and try and get your most wanted features implemented.