I was invited by Ariel Gordon to come to the event at the WFP News Cafe to present my entry from the Lost Foote Photos blog, in celebration of the publications of  Imagining Winnipeg-History through the Photographs of L.B. Foote. Several others were invited.  My photog-friends Mike Deal and  Colin Corneau spoke. Some other historians, scholars as well,  and then the the evening eneded with John Paskievich, local legend and hero of Colin and mine.

I gotta say it was quite intimidating to stand up in a room full of photographers I respect and admire. But I muddle through reading my entry. It was quite a night, photographers are typically lone wolf types so when a few of us get together to celebrate something as cool and the Foote book, everyone feels great! Colin and I even got to talk with John a bit afterwards, which was rreally exciting! John’s short film Ted Baryluk’s Gorcery changed my life.

you can see me awkwardly  talking on stage here