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You can tell a lot about somebody in a minute. If you choose the right minute. Here are 228 of them.

Join Neil Strauss, “The Mike Tyson of interviewers,” (Dave Pirner, Soul Asylum), as he

  • Makes Lady Gaga cry, tries to keep MÖtley CrÜe out of jail & gets kidnapped by Courtney Love
  • Shoots guns with Ludacris, takes a ride with Neil Young & goes to church with Tom Cruise and his mother
  • Spends the night with Trent Reznor, reads the mind of Britney Spears & finds religion with Stephen Colbert
  • Gets picked on by Led Zeppelin, threatened by the mafia & serenaded by Leonard Cohen
  • Picks up psychic clues with the CIA, diapers with Snoop Dog & prison survival tips from Rick James
  • Goes drinking with Bruce Springsteen, dining with Gwen Stefani & hot tubbing with Marilyn Manson
  • Talks glam with David Bowie, drugs with Madonna, death with Johnny Cash & sex with Chuck Berry
  • Gets molested by the Strokes, in trouble with Prince & in bed with… you’ll find out who inside

And many, many more awkward moments and accidental adventures with the world’s number one stars in Everyone Love You When You’re Dead.

Just finished reading this book. If you love music interviews, this is a must read. Rather than a republish of his work, he delves back into the tapes and gives us a new view on some fo his fave interviews. In rediscovering the interviews, certain themes emerge, interviews start and stop only to jump to another interview that is related. At first this jumping around seems kind of arbitrary but quickly you understand where he’s going. Incredibly addictive and easy to read, you learn about all sorts of celebrities, sometimes but simple gestures or comments.

All 507 pages clip along and then culminate in the epilogue.To me this simple summation really made the book. Strauss talks about the lessons learned from all these interviews and in fact shows us why we find these type of interviews so facinating and what we can take away. from them.