Back when there were music stores, and I had opportunities to travel to bigger cities, I would always make a point of buying a few new mixes for the studio. The listening posts at the Virgin Megastore on Market St across from the Apple Store in Downtown San francisco  was a great source of so many wicked mixes for me. You could actually listen to the music before you bought it! I know, I know, sounds kinda silly to say it now but that was a big deal!

Now that that the mystery is gone from  buying music, things are so different. As I mentioned in other posts I am currently subscribed to Rdio and love it! I have made so many discoveries since subscribing to this service it’s mind blowing. Merely search a label like !K7Records on Rdio gives you so many choices, like the DJ-Kicks series, of which this mix is a part of. Apparat is new to me, but apparently has a following, this mix isn’t exactly like his other stuff, but it’s channelling the same vibe.