One of my fave photographers is Mark Seliger I’ve admired his work for decades, always delivering amazing work. 

Recently Mark shared this photo of Jennifer Connelly, (swipe to see) I loved it immediately and shared it to my stories and then asked half jokingly “who wants to recreate this with me?” I ask this from time to time and hardly anyone DM’s me. But this time Helene messaged me! She was just so keen to do it, I thought hey this might be a fun creative exercise, lets try it!

Working in a smaller market like Winnipeg I am quite frequently asked by clients outside of Winnipeg to replicate set ups done in larger cities. 
Some instances I am provided amazing detailed instructions on how to replicate the set up, ( Plexman Studio being one of the best in that regard) , but quite often it’s merely an example of a pervious shoot shared and it’s up to me to backwards engineer the setup. So replicating one of my fave photog’s image did serve a purpose in flexing my creative muscle.

Once we matched the shot as best we could, Helene and I did some more of our own images. It’s an always important step to take the inspiration and then launch into something that that’s your own. More to come!