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Chef Danilo Pamintuan, known affectionately as Daniel around La Grotta Mediterranean Market, is a well travelled man. His illustrious career as a pastry chef began at a small bakery in the Philippines, at age 13. Innately possessing some rare magic in his hands, he moved quickly, easily even, up the ranks, landing in a high-end bakery in downtown Manila. A chance encounter with a foreigner led to an incredible offer: an apprenticeship in Saudi Arabia. Pamintuan, then just 18, jumped at the chance, though he knew precious little about that part of the world. “All I knew about the Middle East, at that time, was that there were camels there,” he recounts, with a laugh.
Those gifts have proven useful; they have created, for him, a world of opportunity that has stretched across some of the farthest-flung corners of the world, including  New York City, Cairo, and Bermuda. In 1998, armed with an impressive array of experience, Pamintuan hung his hat in Winnipeg. Though family ties led him here initially, Pamintuan stays for the easy-going lifestyle and readily-available opportunities. He wasted no time: the Crowne Plaza hired him on his second day in the city. And it was through his work there that his name fell into the hands of Maria De Nardi…


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