The challenge was to somehow showcase the really cool vibe of the room, the former pump house with all its machinery intact along with the chef’s sunny disposition. These are all alternatives to the shot used in the magazine but together they give you a sense of the exploration into finding the right image!

From The Jones& co instagram post:

In @thecellardoormag, we love to shine the light on our culinary partners & their teams. In Issue 46, we sat down with Chef Mark Merano from James Avenue Pumphouse (@thepumphousefooddrink) and got to know him a little bit better.⁠

The first thing you notice about Executive Chef Mark Merano’s enthusiasm for food is his openness and complete lack of pretension. His rise through the ranks from dishwasher at Moxie’s to Executive Chef of James Avenue Pumphouse is characterized by hard work and an eagerness to learn and do what was needed to get to the next level. ⁠

When he first moved on to the line in the kitchen, Mark says, it was a matter of “working, grinding, and learning how to be an adult—because the kitchen really shows you how to toughen up. You have to be in the fire.” After a decade of experience at Moxie’s, culminating with the title of head chef, he was offered the Executive Chef spot on the opening team at James Avenue Pumphouse. Developing the concept during the pandemic meant they had the time and focus to develop, test, and perfect recipes, creating a global menu that invites everyone to the table.⁠

To read the whole interview with Chef Mark Merano, flip to page 30 in your magazine or you can read it online at! ⁠