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The new issue of The Cellar Door is out, and one of the article features Chef Barry Saunders of Inn at The Forks. It’s a profile on Barry’s career as a local chef and talks about the latest challenge he’s taking on, Executive Chef for the restaurant in the new Museum of Human Rights.

The challenge was of course to shoot Barry while it’s -40C outside and yet somehow tie it to the museum. Fortunately there is a suite at the top of the hotel to provide a stunning view of Winnipeg. The next challenge was to try and light Barry in a flattering way that balanced him to the brights un outside, while avoiding reflections in the windows. Then the NEXT challenge was to do all this while looking like it’s no big deal and trying to keep Barry relaxed and engaged for the camera. I’ve know Barry for many years, since we were kids, in fact, and he doesn’t enjoy being photographed. (He’s kinda an old school chef in that way!) But Lisa the editor who was interviewing Barry  was great in talking to him and keep his mind off the fact that I had surrounded him with lighting and big camera lens. The food shot was made in the same location right after we fleet we nailed the portrait.